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All actions which have the objective of retaining or restoring an item in or to a state in which it can perform its required function.The actions include the combination of all Technical and corresponding Administrative, Managerial and Supervision action. Ref…
It’s a self powered vehicle/equipment used for transportation of people and goods.
An engine or motor is a machine designed to convert one form of energy into mechanical energy.
Fuel injection is a system that admits fuel into an Internal Combustion Engine.
A machine consists of a power source and a power transmission system, which provides controlled application of power. It uses gears and gear trains to provide speed and torque conversions from a rotating power source to another device.
It allows the outer drive wheel to rotate faster than the inner drive wheel during a turn.This is necessary when the vehicle turns, making the wheel that is travelling around outside of the turning curve roll farther and faster than the other.
It deals with the mechanical properties of solids or fluids. Fluid mechanics provides the theoretical foundation for hydraulics.which focuses on the engineering uses of fluid properties.
It’s a branch of physics that makes use of gas or pressurized air.
It’s a mechanical device that converts mechanical power into hydraulic energy.
It’s a mechanical actuator that coverts hydraulic pressure and flow into torque and angular displacement.
These are one of the most fundamental parts in hydraulic machineryas well pneumatic machinery. They allow fluid flow into different paths from one or more sources.
Is a mechanical actuator that is used to give a unidirectional force through unidirectional stroke.
It is a flexible hollow tube designed to carry fluids from one location to another.
Equipment capable of driving on a rough terrain handling heavy loads.
It is a base of two process. Digitized information is recorded in binary code of combinations of digits 0 and 1, also called bits, which refers word and images.It enables immense amount of information to be compressed on a storage device that can be easily preserved and transported. It transformed how people communicate,learn and work.
There are 3 types such as Portable, Semi-Portable and Volatile methods. Portable method consists of Memory Card, Disk Drive, ROM catridge, Flash memory etc.,. Semi-Portable method consists of Hard Disk, non-volatile ROM, and Volatile methods include Volatile RAM, Neurons.

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They are i) Heat Engine ii) Combustion Engine – Internal Combustion & External Combustion iii) Air-breathing Combustion Engine
i)Inline Pump ii) Direct Injection Pump iii) Common Rail Diesel Injection Pump iv) Unit Injector Pump v) Rotary Pump vi) Electronic Fuel Injector Pump
It is a device driven by exhaust gases that increases engine power by pumping air into the combustion chambers.
It is a device that transmits / multiplies the torque that is generated by the engine.
It is a hydrodynamic device used to transmit the rotating mechanical power. This is used as an alternative to mechanical clutch.
Manual and Automatic are the basic types. Sub types are i) Manual – Sequential, Non-Synchronous,Preselector ii) Automatic – Manumatic, Semi-automatic, Electro hydraulic, Continously variable.
Epicyclic gearing, Spur Gear type,Hypoid gear type
It is a system comprising an interconnected set of discrete components that transport liquid.
It is an interconnected set of components that convert compressed air into mechanical work.
Gear Pump, Vane Pump, Axial Piston Pump, Radial Piston Pump, Bent Axis Pump
Gear and Vane type motor, Gerotor motor, Axial plunger motor, Radial piston motor.
These are 2-Way Valve,3-Way Valve, 4-Way Valve, 5-Way Valve.
Single acting cylinders, Double acting cylinders.
Excavator, Chain Mounted Heavy Duty Cranes, Higher capacity dumpers, Higher capacity pay loaders, Chain mounted drilling machines, Tunnel boring machines etc.,
The practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the internet to store, manage and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer.
In simple terms,a software programme consists of two main codes “Source Code” and “Object Code”. Source code is written in computer programming language which can be understood only by a computer professional. To use the software code the source code is converted to object code by a programme known as “Compiler”. Any upgradation can be done only at Source code. In the Open source it is available at Free where it is vice versa in a licensed programme.

Level 3

It is Common Rail Direct Injection system for Petrol as well as Diesel Engines.
It is a development of Carburretor system of fuel injection. EFI requires inputs from various engines sensors to determine Engine Speed, Load and Operating conditions.
The mechanism by which power is transmitted from an engine to the axle in a motor vehicle.
It is an automobile transmission that does not change gears automatically, but rather facilitates manual gear changes by dispensing with the need to press a clutch pedal at the same time a changing gears.
The basic circuit is Tank – Pump – DCV – Motor – Tank. When the DCV is at neutral position the hydraulic oil flows back to the tank. This type of circuit is inexpensive and is used for constant displacement pumps.
The basic circuit is Tank – Pump – Motor – Pump. Here the DCV is avoided. The oil from the motor is send back to pump inlet. These are used for hydrostatic transmissions. The response is better and works with higher pressure. Comparatively this is expensive and is used with variable displacement pump.
Its function is to allow hydraulic fluid flow to certain functions within a hydraulic system when the pressure is greater than or equal to a specified level.

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