About Us

It’s all started with an aim of developing highly professionalized system (software) for handling equipment maintenance in a simple method, with the latest technology and at an very affordable value.

The competitive environment of business only determines the profit. Hence it becomes imperative to implement a system of operation to increase the business margin/profitability in reducing costs and increase productivity.

Our product “MOSY” comes with many “Industry first” methods to provide the best solution in enhancing customer’s business profitability.

Our Drive

To add value to customer's business operations, by providing a system which helps to improve the operational efficiency (better availability) of their Construction Equipment's as well as their Operators.

Our Goal

To be the leader in providing TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) system to the customer at an affordable value thereby enhancing his business profitability.


It is a Sanskrit word which refer to the birth of a Concept through Fire from the forehead. Our Logo directly reflects this and our dedication to serve our customers.

Research Report

The product has been developed after getting feedback from various customers, across various industrial segment, who are using different kind of equipments. We intend to keep this open for continuous product improvement.

Expert Corner

Maintenance of equipments plays a very important role. Upkeep of equipments enables one to enhance his business profitability. We have taken an initiative in getting experts in sharing their knowledge in maintenance of equipments, on time attention as productivity improvement tool etc., and its benefits.

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